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I've recommended this site for some time.

I still recommend them but I have to warn people...

The other day I accidentally used my email password when I logged into Sessiongirls to check messages there. I realized what I'd done immediately and logged in with the correct password after that.

Within 5 minutes someone tried to access my email using the correct password.

Fortunately my email security settings twigged something was wrong, blocked the attempt and reported it to me (gotta love gmail).

My passwords have all been changed, but obviously someone is sniffing logins there.

I've advised the web site admins for Sessiongirls that they probably have a problem.

I have no personal or sensitive information on my account there, and I'll be more careful with my logins in future.

If any of you have accounts on sessiongirls I'd strongly recommend you check whether or not your SG password is the same as the password for the email you have linked to your account.

If so - change them immediately and keep them different to each other.
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I am a fan of female wrestling and combat with a specific (narrow?) focus.

You can send me notes here or email me via:

My pose library is available for free download here:…

I update it as it grows.

I use DAZ4.6 and the Genesis v5 Supermodel figures in all my scenes. My poses don't seem to work with Victoria 4. v6 (Genesis 2) works sort of ok, sometimes needs tweaking and expressions don't always come across.

I am on a hiatus for any new commissions right now.

When I come back I'm going to charge more and insist on smaller sequences.

I am not doing this for the money myself. Your payment is you providing proof of a charitable donation.

The rest of my terms are terrible. If we discuss a job in future and you're unhappy with those terms that's 100% ok, you take your business elsewhere and all is cool.

I'm doing this for myself.

- The occasional like or positive comment I get is great.
- Raising a few quid (about $400 USD so far I think) for good causes is nice.
- Corresponding with cool people who share like interests is very cool.
- Getting to actually correspond with some of the real women who partake in my interest is simply awesome.

If you want me to create a virtual version of someone or if by some random chance you are a female model or wrestler (I am one of your fans) please ask.

I'm generally thrilled to oblige.

*HOWEVER* I'll want to be comfortable I'm doing this for the person the image is based on.

This would be a selfie of the person holding a sign with an agreed phrase written on it. Of course obscure some facial details a little bit to ensure the photo isn't misused, but I need to be able to tell the person asking is the one any render I do is based on.

Many of my fave female wrestlers are on SessionGirls and you can join and send them messages. Mixed Wrestling Sessions and More at (BUT USE A DIFFERENT PASSWORD TO YOUR EMAIL)

I keep different passwords for different accounts and accidentally typed in my email password a couple of days ago.

Within 5 minutes someone tried to access my email WITH MY CORRECT PASSWORD.

If you do register I'd strongly suggest (this is all common sense really) that you keep personal data to a minimum (or none).

Back to requests and (in future maybe) commissions.

If I don't like yours I'll tell you so and why, but here are some pointers.

I like watching women (and guys) complete in things like MMA, judo and wrestling (more so women obviously, but not mixed matches).

The main criteria is that both women are having a go of it.

For example, DoomMaidens did a recent match of Veve Lane and Rachelle DD.

This is not an even match but both women are unreal beautiful and both of them go at it the whole match with some awesome holds. It's probably my fave of all time.

I do genuinely respect the skill, strength and determination of women who fight and wrestle.

And I in no way mean to diminish what these women do, *especially* not the women who compete in MMA.

It's just that I find watching this to be an incredible turn on. :$

I really dislike seeing unwilling participants be hurt (e.g. "Funniest Home Videos")

It doesn't bother me if a willing participant (who knows what they are in for) feels a bit of pain (I do like "Wipeout" and "Fear Factor").

Bullying and abuse of one person onto an unwilling recipient of any sort makes me ill. When it's being done to a woman by a man it makes me very angry.

I realize that some will find my views contradictory.

I draw the difference between two willing people (women for preference obviously) competing in a combat event (grappling specifically) versus one person simply hurting/bullying another (especially men beating up or hurting women).

So if my tastes are not yours there are people around here (who are more talented than me in any event) who can help you out.

I will not judge. There are no shortage of people who would judge me.

I am into watching two women struggle and fight until one is forced to submit to the other.

But *not* injury.

What I *really* like:

- I really enjoyed the Rousey v Tate matches, but not how the first one ended (legit arm injury).
- Women's MMA, but I'm hoping for the tap out (dislike seeing KO's or just lots of kicks/punches), and I don't like seeing one fighter (male or female) getting beaten to crap.
- I prefer one piece suits or bikinis (and the like)
* Skin tight and showing some skin, but not all of it.
* I don't mind topless, prefer at least something left to imagination
* I don't mind judo gi outfits (at all), but prefer a bit less
* One piece suits - Awesome
* Briefs and sports bras type tops - Awesome
- I have *many* favorite female wrestlers; they come in all shapes and sizes
- Most women are genuinely beautiful
* To me the difference between two beautiful women is like Saville Row vs Armani
* I confess a visual preference for a fitter woman (e.g. glamor or swimwear models)
* Within reason - bodybuilders who look like men :(
* "Fashion" models who look like tall skinny men... Urg, go eat something please! Bony bodies are horrible.
- I generally don't like WWE (too fake), I (sometimes) don't mind TNA, I do like Shimmer, AJPW, ARSION, and others.
- There is something about knowing it's worked; Again I don't like seeing injuries
- I confess I am more interested if the wrestlers are more attractive, but not if the match is sloppy garbage (e.g. 98% of WWE).
- I like long drawn out submissions, especially sleepers. I dunno why...

The list of stuff I'm not into and/or dislike is even longer.

Mixed matches (seeing women lose to guys *really* not my thing), unwilling victims being abused, bullied, humiliated, (*AWFUL*) legit injury or harm (I don't want to see it).

On the lighter side I just can't get into seriously fake or badly worked stuff (Golden Girls or Steel Kittens). I don't judge, people would judge me. I'm just saying that no matter how gorgeous the women look if the "wrestling" is terrible I'm embarrased watching it.

Finally. I believe at all times in the importance of treating others with respect.

*Especially* the women who grapple and are real people regardless of how they dress, or (if we're all lucky) roll on the mats.

So basic courtesy people.

I will certainly do my best to extend that to everyone. If you want to hang around here I'd expect the same of you please.

You can call me Cale (not my name) or afwfan (is my handle).

Please look around. Please let me know when you see something you like. Please let me know if you have some suggestions or tips.

I hope you enjoy your time here. If not my apologies if I've caused any offense.

Cale / afwfan

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RacoonCat Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave.  :D
rasslinfan Apr 2, 2014  New member
i hope you do more with the dark hair girls winning over the blondes.such good work.
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Stefan050769 Mar 12, 2014  New member
Super work, Iam interstet to See more
 Keep up the great work! I get a lot of comments on how much people LOVE your work that you did with me. I think a lot of people like the blonde and brunette thingy coupled with headscissors lolol.
afwfan Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback. :D

Really glad to hear your fans like the virtual version of the (better looking and more impressive IMHO) genuine article.

And I do get the blonde/brunette thing also. :)
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